Who are we?

Our Mission  

ICG is an innovative group that provides end-to-end consulting, training and digital services, according to international best- fit practices.

As a reliable strategic partner, ICG helps companies and organizations looking for innovative solutions and effective change practices to successfully achieve their transformation and accelerate their businesses.

Through its offices in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Morocco, ICG develops customized solutions to clients from the Middle East and Africa (MEA), thanks to its deep understanding of the local context and its large network of highly-recognized experts.

Our Vision  

We aim to be the premium provider of innovative business solutions, across the Middle East and Africa (MEA), that leverage transformational change to increase business performance and open new horizons for growth.  

Our Core Values



Our Core Service Offerings

Nowadays, companies are facing unpredictable economies, disruptive technologies, and globalization as well as a fierce competition and a scarcity of resources. In such uncertain contexts, companies constantly need to change their strategies and to adapt their practices. They also need to develop their ability to deal with new realities, to innovate and to design new practices and also to successfully manage change projects.

We provide insight-led consulting services to drive successful changes and to succeed in challenging, fast-paced business environments. We utilize our vast network of experts to enable businesses to grow and operate as efficiently as possible. We do this by understanding and identifying the important role information and technology play in this process.

Our Areas of Expertise

Strategy and Business Development
Management and Leadership
HR and Talent management
Technology and Digital Transformation
Innovation and Product Development
Marketing and Sales
Finance and Accounting
Operations and Quality Management
Legal and Audit Services

Training is a prime opportunity to improve employees’ performance by reinforcing the understanding of their responsibilities, increasing their productivity and adherence to quality standards, strengthening their confidence and their satisfaction, reducing their turnover, and attracting talented employees.

In this perspective, we offer end-to-end capacity building approach that allow clients to identify the right training path, to effectively deliver it, and to ensure a real impact from it, through side-by-side support and ongoing assessment.


Our international expertise in qualifications and certifications covers various strategic fields:

  • HR and Talent Management : CIPD, SHRM, HRCI, etc.
  • Management & Leadership : CMI, ILM, PMP, CMP, Prosci, etc.
  • Sales and Marketing : ISM, CIM, DIM, etc.
  • Innovation and Production Development : GIMI, CMI, Design thinking, BIM, etc.
  • Quality Management : ETOM, ISO, TQM, EFQM, OSHA, etc.
  • Finance and Accounting: CFA, CMA, CPA, CIPM, etc.
  • Technology and Digital Transformation : Google Cloud, CISSP, CEH, Comptia, etc.
  • Engineering: CEP, CETP, etc.

At ICG Academy, we offer you:

  • A pre-Assessment of your skills to determine the training needs, and to customize the programs’ content and methodologies.
  • A comprehensive portfolio of training programs and different levels of recognition (Award, Certificate, Diploma).
  • A practical approach that allows trainees to apply their learnings on real cases and through business simulations.
  • Experienced practitioners and specialists delivering the international best practices.
  • A continual guidance and support throughout the whole training process.
  • A post-assessment and a follow up to ensure you a real impact from your training.
  • International and prestigious partnerships for qualifications and certifications programs.
  • Innovative study options with blended methodologies and a flexible delivery (Full-time or Part-time, In-house or In-Company, In-person or Online).
  • In-house training as standard programs or customized to match your needs.
  • Online learning and tutorial materials to support your learning during and after the training.
  • Ongoing training process to develop your employees’ skills at all levels (Junior roles, Experienced employees, senior managers).

Digitalization has brought a radical change in the business activities, by transforming the value chain and bringing new business models.

Thanks to digital solutions, companies are now able to engage more customers and manage data and technology, in an effective way. However, they need to rethink their organizations and develop new skills. Companies need to attract, develop and retain digital talent, employees who are able to effectively use existing technologies and who are open to new ones. To do so, they need to review their structure to further engage employees in innovating activities more that operating them.

ICG’s unrivalled knowledge of next generation business applications helps companies to prepare their organization for digital business.

By truly understanding these business applications we are able to identify and implement the best suited applications for your organization.

Thus, we provide intelligent digital solutions that enable its clients to optimize efficiencies and maximize profits by improving their core revenue capabilities.

Start-up companies generated more than 2.8 trillion dollars in global economic value, during the last 2 years. However, 90% of start-ups fail within 3 years because of lack of resources and expertise. Business Accelerators aim to prevent that by offering access to mentors, investors and other support services (logistics, technologies, etc.), to develop companies that have moved beyond the earliest stages.

ICG leverages its experience and its integrated services to support startup companies in expediting their unique projects and ensuring rapid ROI for both the entrepreneurs and investors.

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