IoT Acceleration


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How is IOT Acceleration creating value for businesses?

Creating smoother and more efficient operations through real-time asset tracking and automation

Building digital twin capabilities to transform the way you manage your assets, planning, performance, quality control and security

Enabling predictive maintenance and smarter infrastructure through increased data collection and analysis

Enhancing customer understanding and experience with increased access to device data and insights

Providing companies with more real-time data streams for enhanced operational visibility

How can IoT acceleration help your company?

Internet of Things (IoT) applications allow our customers to develop new product ideas and gather better behavioral and sensor-collected data to drive continuous improvements in their operations. 

IoT use case exploration - ICG

IoT use case exploration

Our experts will help you explore IoT products, services and use cases. We’ll help you identify your underlying requirements when it comes to infrastructure, connectivity, data capabilities and cybersecurity. This insight will allow you to prioritize and validate use cases and implement POCs and MVPs that will create maximum value.

IoT enterprise solutions - ICG

IoT enterprise solutions

We’ll support you in implementing the right ecosystem, identifying technology accelerators and building the right skills and talent to move quickly from minimum viable products to industrialized products and services.

IoT enterprise operating model  - ICG

IoT enterprise operating model

Standardizing your IoT initiatives is essential for creating a mature enterprise operating model that enables pace, scale, consistency and efficiency.

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