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Our Capabilities

Dominate your market, exceed customer expectations and supercharge engagement



  • Build a deeper understanding of customer needs and decision processes
  • Create and reinforce a distinctive and strong digital image and e-reputation
  • Increase salesforce productivity through automated and intelligent processes
  • Produce omnichannel experiences to increase customers’ engagement
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What is customer experience?

Customer experience (CX) is essential for attracting and retaining customers. People increasingly expect speed, efficiency, ease and continuity in product/service delivery as well as some degree of personalization.

For companies, delivering an effective and seamless CX journey for their customers is a core part of driving loyalty and advocacy. Companies need to be able to continuously adapt the CX journey to deal with changing customer expectations and technological innovations. It is nearly impossible to do this without high quality customer insights and interactions and integrated digital platforms.

We can help you build a customer-centric approach that enables effective and engaging CX. Our starting point is always the same: developing a deep understanding of the value customers are looking for. From there we can begin designing processes and systems that deliver it seamlessly to reinforce relationships with your products and services.


of CX, marketing and analytics professionals say exceptional customer experience is very or extremely important to the organizations growth.

How does ICG’s CX benefit companies?

We help our clients shape distinctive and positive customer interactions based on the needs and behaviors of their customers. The right CX increases the impact of your sales team, fills your pipeline with qualified leads and builds engagement with your sales channels and customer journeys.

CX Insights - ICG

CX Insights

Get to know exactly who your customers are, what they want and need, and how they perceive your brand with real actionable insights.

CX Strategy -ICG

CX Strategy

Using customer insight and our experience in creating effective CX journeys, we’ll link your purpose and brand positioning and create a solid business case focused on key metrics.

CX Design -ICG

CX Design

Based on your strategy and goals, we can create CX processes that improve customer acquisition, boost customer engagement and achieve growth targets.

CX Performance Management -ICG

CX Performance Management

Implement the right KPIs and measurement tools to evaluate and monitor CX performance and drive continuous improvements.

CX Automation - ICG

CX Automation

Provide personalized, responsive, seamless and automated CX journey by utilizing leading digital solutions. We’ll help you implement the right tools and processes to better understand your customers through data-driven real-time insights.

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