Operational Excellence

Our Capabilities

Building effective processes that match your digital business model and strengthen operational performance.

Why Operational excellence is important?

  • Increase agility and reduce time to market.
  • Improve efficiency and optimize costs through automated processes.
  • Strengthen output quality through intelligent processes to satisfy and retain highly demanding customers.
  • Re-engineer processes that develop and deliver more digitized products and services.

Our Services allow companies to

their operation

Optimize their

Assess their

What is operational excellence and how does ICG enable it?

Digital transformation challenges the conventional roles and responsibilities inherited from the historical, process-oriented organizational model. We help our clients assess and adapt their practices to secure digital value realization.

IT and digital operating model assessment - ICG

IT and digital operating model assessment

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your company’s current state, then fulfill your digital ambitions by defining an IT and digital operating model that boosts strategic execution and operational performance.

IT and digital operating model design - ICG

IT and digital operating model design

Define the right IT and digital operating model to plan and implement IT and digital transformation, incorporating vision and missions, governance and steering, processes, organization, tools, ecosystem and partners.

Digital factory set-up - ICG

Digital factory set-up

Industrialize your digital initiatives with a digital factory that helps transform your organization from project-centric to product-centric.

Capability building and sourcing strategy - ICG

Capability building and sourcing strategy

Identify the key resources and capabilities you need to support your organization’s digital transformation. Define the right sourcing strategy (internalization vs external staffing vs outsourcing) for each digital capability. Attract and retain the digital talent you need through specific HR and workplace approaches and practices.

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