Building protection that evolves alongside your business

Why is Cybersecurity Important?

Protect your data from loss, deletion, or unauthorized access

Ensure employees have the knowledge and tools to protect themselves and the business from cybercrime

Monitor and identify evolving threats 

Proactively identify and react to fraud, embezzlement, or other criminal activity

Meet your compliance requirements 

What does ICG’s Cybersecurity capability bring to companies?

Data privacy and security concerns are growing and cyberattacks are an increasing danger to today’s organizations. We will defend your business by making sure the right strategies are in place to create safe and secure environments, and will follow them through from conceptualization to execution.

Cybersecurity awareness and acculturation - ICG

Cybersecurity awareness and acculturation

We will assess your organization’s level of  awareness about the importance of cybersecurity in addition to the maturity level regarding cybersecurity risk management practices.

We will then define action plans to improve your cybersecurity culture through initiatives such as acculturation, demonstration, training, gamification and coaching.

Risk assessment - ICG

Risk assessment

We will identify the major cybersecurity threats to your business and prioritize them to ensure effective risk management, using the latest insights into emerging vulnerabilities and regulatory requirements. We will then define a cybersecurity strategy to protect, detect and fight against threats and attacks.

Cybersecurity protection - ICG

Cybersecurity protection

We will assess the currently available data, systems, and workforce capabilities you have to manage cybersecurity risks. We will then define a strategy and roadmap to address any gaps we have identified and defend your organization’s assets and operations from internal and external threats.

Threat monitoring and detection - ICG

Threat monitoring and detection

Our service helps you implement the right tools and processes to ensure effective threat monitoring, such as AI-based threat management solutions and a best-fit security operations model.

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