Digital HR

Our Capabilities

Strengthen your human capital 

Why Digital HR is important?

  • Re-skill and upskill your employees for new job roles and emerging and evolving competencies
  • Transform your HR function by enabling digitalization
  • Create a digitized and more productive work environment
  • Develop digital talent and drive employee performance, engagement and retention

What is Digital HR?

Digital transformation is a multiyear journey that often requires big changes to the way people work as well as the practices, skills and behaviors they need.
Our solutions help develop your organization’s leadership, digital skills and culture to create an engaging, productive and innovative environment.

Digital Leadership development

Transformation requires skilled, visionary digital leaders guided by a highly skilled Chief People Officer. Otherwise, the transition period from legacy systems to new ones can quickly become disruptive. Digital leaders align your company’s ambition and the execution of growth strategies by providing the necessary level of technology awareness and employee engagement.


of companies plan on increasing spending on HR technology.

Digital Capability Building

To ensure the success of your transformation, you need employees equipped with cross-functional skills that allow them to easily adopt emerging technologies and agile methodologies. A strong people strategy prioritizes agility, upskilling and reskilling teams to better meet the evolving needs of your company.


of leaders see workforce as a key enabler for their digital transformation strategy.

Workforce Planning

Effective workforce planning aligns your talent with the different digital initiatives and steps of the transformation journey. Adopting new technologies requires not only new skills but supplementary human resources too. Many companies focus on the recruitment of new talent, but the redeployment of existing workers can often be equally as important.

Talent development

Digital transformation requires companies to incorporate complex tasks and new technologies into their workflows. Without talented people, an organization will simply not be able to produce creative solutions and implement them smoothly as well as deal with uncertainties and overcome obstacles. Providing development opportunities and diversity for the employees in the new operating model is mission critical.

Building an engaging employee experience

Your digital employee experience should match the new ways of working, products and customer experience you are creating through digital transformation. By leveraging emerging technologies, you can offer a seamless digital experience for employees that not only simplifies their working day but also acts as a tool to attract and retain top talent.


How does Digital HR benefit companies?

We help clients assess the current state of their HR practices, identify gaps and implement modern HR operating models and engaging employee experiences.

Digit HR Strategy - ICG

Digital HR strategy

Develop a Digital HR transformation roadmap that identifies clear steps and priorities for meeting your strategic objectives.

Workforce planning - ICG

Workforce planning

Identify gaps in your HR resources that will impact your digital roadmap implementation and ability to integrate emerging technologies.

HR Automation - ICG

HR automation

Digitizing and automating HR practices improves efficiency and offers a seamless digital employee experience to your teams.

Talent Strategy - ICG

Talent strategy

Define who you want to attract as well as how you want to reward and retain existing talent. Our team will help you identify the right candidates and create upskilling initiatives to support their development.

Digital Workplace - ICG

Digital workplace

Building a truly digital working environment means unifying all of your communication tools and document management into a single, intuitive and accessible platform that supports your new employee experience and promotes collective intelligence.

Change Management - ICG

Change management

As organizational changes in the agile workplaces happen daily, successfully implement strategies and methods for effecting change and helping people to accept and adapt to changes.Deal with transition or transformation of organizational goals, core values, processes or technologies by implementing change management.

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