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ICG leverages its expertise in Digital Transformation to design personalized learning journeys that will accelerate your growth and satisfy your stakeholders.

How we work
with you

Training provides technical knowledge but experiential and social learning builds capability, so rather than just delivering training modules our process takes your team on a transformational journey.
Each training journey is customized to your specific needs. Our capacity-building approach identifies the right training path and how to deliver it to your team, using diverse training methodologies and flexible modes of delivery. Then we provide continuous side-by-side support, experiential learning and ongoing assessment to make sure your team has developed the skills they need.

assess - ICG


We conduct a deep analysis of business objectives and job roles, as well as a 360° competency assessment based on an internationally recognized skills framework, to determine the learning needs and expectations of your team.

Build - ICG


We provide your people with the latest knowledge and help them apply their learning through workshops, work-based assignments and coaching that uses blended and adaptive learning.

Certify - ICG


We evaluate the team’s work, certify their skills and recognize their achievements.

ICG Capability Enablement

& Award Final Assessment Coaching Assignments Work-Based Workshops Training & E-learning Self Preparation On-Boarding Participants Assessment Participants Customization Program Analysis Business Objective Stakeholders Expectation Discussion Formal Assessments and Awards upon successful completion of the program. PHASE 03 Capability Recognition Intensive Capability Development including : • Training • Workshops • Capstone Project • Coaching PHASE 02 Capability Building Deep Understanding and Competency Evaluation • Business needs and L&D • Participants Evaluation Consulting based on international skills frameworks PHASE 01 Capability Assessment
  • Phase 01

    Capability Assessment

    Deep Understanding and Competency Evaluation

    • Business needs and L&D Objectives

    • Participants Evaluation based on international skills frameworks.

  • Stakeholders Expectation Discussion

  • Business Objective Analysis

  • Program Customization

  • Participants Assessment

  • Participants On-boarding

  • Self Preparation

  • Phase 02

    Capability Building

    Intensive Capability Development including:

    • Training

    • Workshops

    • Capstone Project

    • Coaching

  • Training & Workshops

  • Work-Based Assignments

  • Phase 03

    Capability Recognition

    Formal Assessments and Awards upon successful completion of the program.

  • Coaching

  • Final Assessment
    & Award

What are the key benefits of ICG's capability building journeys?

Performance Increase - ICG

Performance enhancement

Our Capability Academies will help you improve individual performance through experiential learning activities and social learning, as well as expert coaching.

Continuous Improvement - ICG

Continuous Improvement

We evaluate each person’s performance at the beginning of their journey and go on monitoring their progress, giving you solid results on which to build future decisions and actions.

Talent Retention - ICG

Talent Retention

We will help you identify talent and maximize potential, so that your employees reach higher levels of achievement. Helping your people develop new skills with us will also increase their job satisfaction and improve your employee retention.

Standardization - ICG


The ICG learning journey will bridge knowledge gaps within your team and align performance to best-fit practices and standards, so you can build a learning organization and competitive workforce.

Proactivity - ICG


Working with us will make your people more proactive and confident, and help you scale capability among large teams through coaching and group activities.



















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