Digital strategy

Our Capabilities

Gain a competitive advantage with an aligned
vision, mission and strategy


Acknowledge and understand your market opportunities and challenges in today’s digital landscape

Identify the value creation drivers within the company through emerging technologies

Strengthen the strategic decision-making process using digital tools

Define and develop the right path to a successful digital transformation

Align the strategy with the digital business model

What is digital strategy and how does ICG enable it?

We can help you develop and position your competitive advantages and identify the gaps in your organization, talent, process, and technologies that you must fill to seize digital opportunities. To help you achieve your digital ambitions, we offer digital ecosystem analysis and capability assessments, and we can help you formulate and execute your customized digital strategy.

Align your business strategy and capabilities

We help you align your business strategy and your digital vision to identify the best-fit digital initiatives and prioritize them according to their value potential and feasibility. We then build a roadmap, signposted with projects, timelines, targets and accountabilities, to translate your digital strategy into realistic transformational plans and outcomes. This means the strategy can be easily understood and implemented by both the leadership and operational teams.

Make relevant strategic choices

You need to have a clear idea of how your digital strategy will create and deliver value. This will validate the strategic choices you make and help you to benefit from quick results and scale your most valuable initiatives. From a technical perspective, the limited size of digital initiatives allows for a short testing period, quick improvements based on the customer/user feedback, a market-product fit alignment and rapid delivery.

This means that digital transformations start with experimentation at a small scale. For example, at the level of a business unit, a specific product, service or brand, or a sample of users/customers. 

After evaluating the results from the customer, finance, and operational perspective, DX plans can then be reviewed and improved in order to scale them successfully.

Create a winning digital strategy

An effective digital strategy first focuses on generating quick wins by concentrating on the most valuable use cases related to strategic choices. This funds the DX journey, frees corporate resources, builds digital momentum and consolidates stakeholder support. More precisely, a winning digital strategy prioritizes the customer segments, pain points and products with the highest value potential and most rapid delivery.

Today’s world is marked by frequent and unpredictable technology and market shifts. To deal with these rapid changes, you need to strengthen your digital strategy capabilities and enable your company to execute dynamic strategies and evolving plans. Companies that lead in digital embed flexibility in their transformational plans.

How you benefit from ICG’s digital strategy capability

We help you set your digital ambitions then define a practical roadmap to achieve them.
We do this by building a clear understanding of your current state, digital ecosystem and digital capabilities.
These assessments are key to defining the right digital initiatives, prioritizing them and supporting their implementation with an efficient operating model and clear value realization indicators.


Digital Capabilities Assessment - ICG

Digital capabilities assessment

We assess the readiness of key digital capabilities required to carry out your digital transformation then create a prioritized action plan to strengthen any weaknesses.

Digital Ecosystem Analysis - ICG

Digital business models assessment

We explore potential streams of value for you, through the lens of digital capabilities, to create innovative products and services.

Digital Strategy - ICG

Technological use cases exploration

We identify the most promising technology use cases in alignment with your business strategy and capabilities and prioritize these initiatives based on their value potential and feasibility. We then explore them through the implementation of proof of concept (POCs) or minimal viable product (MVPs).

Digital Strategy roadmap - ICG

Digital roadmapping

We develop a realistic digital transformation roadmap, aligned with your organization’s maturity and the challenges and trends in your industry.
We then identify the required resources, ecosystem and external partners you will need to make the journey.

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