Talent reskilling and upskilling

Talent Empowering

More skills, more room to grow

Why improve your talent reskilling and upskilling

Uncover more potential within your team

Improve the transferability of skills to different projects

Improve workforce engagement and retention

Harness key skills to
meet future demand

Empower employees to create their own career goals

A strategic response to changing
skill demands

As the pace of change continues to accelerate, demand for new capabilities is also mounting. According to a McKinsey global report, 87% of business leaders say they either are experiencing gaps now or expect them within a few years. It is now mission critical that businesses reskill and upskill their workforce to remain competitive.

Through upskilling and reskilling, businesses also have an opportunity to empower employees and create more value from human capital. You may identify capabilities that you did not know already existed internally, find new ways to deploy talent, and give employees more routes to progress.

Businesses also
have an opportunity to
empower employees

We will empower
your employees
to progress

How ICG can help prepare your
workforce for a new era

Our solutions can help you implement career planning strategies that put your employees in control of their future while filling the skills gaps your business has in the short and long term. All our services are built on our experts’ deep understanding of specific competencies required for different roles.

Through ICG’s skills visibility services, we will give you a clear indication of capabilities across your organization and the additional hard and soft skills you need to succeed through upcoming challenges and opportunities. At the same time, we will empower your employees to progress. Our career pathing solutions enable them to better identify the talent they hold and understand the skills they need for future roles in the business.

We will also help you bridge skills gaps through personalized development programs. Through internal experiences, valuable feedback, and contextual learning and experiential learning, we will develop your employees’ hard and soft skills to ensure those moving into new positions are set up to succeed. Whether they are seeking promotion or aspire to move to a new department, we tailor each career path to each employee so that they can see the development steps they need to take next.

We will empower
your employees
to progress



















Enable your workforce

Empower your business with customized solutions that
will accelerate your digital transformation

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