Artificial intelligence and automation

Our Capabilities

Intelligent processes. Enhanced outcomes


Reducing costs by automating repetitive manual tasks

Embedding innovation and digital transformation throughout every organizational layer

Strengthening data protection and IT infrastructure resilience

Helping teams benefit from the full value of a company’s data

Enabling faster, more informed decision-making

What does ICG’s artificial intelligence & automation capability bring to companies?

We harness the power of AI to create new and better experiences and services for you and your customers, using state-of-the-art techniques such as deep learning and neural networks as well as traditional machine learning.

With our help you can generate more value by leaving digital solutions to carry out repetitive operational tasks, especially when RPA solutions are combined with artificial intelligence and big data.

Artificial Intelligence - ICG

AI and automation use cases exploration

We will help you identify the best use cases to help you envision an AI and automation-enabled enterprise using demystification, case studies and demonstrations. From here you will be able to quickly validate the most relevant with proofs of concept (POCs) and minimal viable products (MVPs).

Ai Enterprise Solutions - ICG

AI and automation enterprise solutions

You can move quickly from MVPs to enterprise-scale AI and automation solutions when we help you set up the right ecosystem, identify technology accelerators and acquire the skills and talent you need.

AI enterprise operating model - ICG

AI enterprise operating model

Standardize your AI and automation initiatives and build a mature enterprise operating model that gives your operations pace, scale, consistency, and efficiency.

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