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Enable you to create tailored, long-term learning journeys that build dynamic digital skills, boost retention, and accelerate growth.


Match the requirements of the digital era with the right set of skills

ICG Academies equip companies with the needed know-how to reach their full digital potential.


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A distinctive approach to corporate training

At ICG, we use a customized capacity-building approach in six phases to create the right training journey that will effectively deliver real impact.

PHASE 06: SUPPORT • Assessment of training process outcomes • Support plan to ensure the implementation of • Reporting on future gaps and needs. The Learning Outcomes. PHASE 05: EVALUATE • Trainees' skills evaluation • Delivering certifications PHASE 04: TRANSFER • Conducting the training programs • Monitoring the delivery process • Delivering training videos & conferences PHASE 03: DEVELOP • Defining & validating training plan • Defining targeted group • Developing learning material PHASE 02: DESIGN • Training design pathway • Mapping skills framework on participants’ level PHASE 01: SCOPE • Stakeholders diagnosis • Project set-up & preparation • Market analysis, job roles & individual assessment
PHASE 01: SCOPE • Market Analysis, Job Roles & Individual • Stakeholders Diagnosis • Project Set-Up & Preparation Assessment PHASE 02: DESIGN • Training Design Pathway • Mapping Skills Framework On Participants’ Level PHASE 03: DEVELOP • Defining & Validating Training Plan • Defining Targeted Group • Developing Learning Material PHASE 04: TRANSFER • Conducting The Training Programs • Monitoring The Delivery Process • Delivering Training Videos & Conferences PHASE 05: EVALUATE • Trainees Skills Evaluation • Delivering Certifications PHASE 06: SUPPORT • Assessment On The Training Process •  Support Plan To Ensure The • Report On Future Gaps And Needs. Outcomes Implementation Of The Learning Outcomes

ICG Academies for effective capability building

ICG Academies offers a new holistic emphasis on building dynamic, market-differentiating capabilities, guaranteeing employee retention and company growth.


Digital Product Innovation Academy

OpEx Academy

Digital HR & Leadership Academy

DX Finance Academy

Digital Strategy Academy

CX Academy

Agile Delivery Academy

Technology Acceleration Academy

Tailor-made skilling solutions

courses and certification - ICG

Courses and certifications

Successfully implementing your digital strategies requires the right team and the right skillsets. We’ll help you choose from professional courses and certifications based on internationally recognized partners and delivered by expert instructors. Our training solutions are designed to give your teams the insight needed to drive transformational changes and adapt to ever-evolving business situations.

Capability enablement programs - ICG

Capability enablement programs

Through side-by-side assistance and careful monitoring, we provide a cutting-edge capacity-building framework based on deep 360° assessments alongside experiential and social learning. The program is tailored just for your organization.

Capability enablement programs - ICG


The success of any L&D program is measured by the real-world impacts it creates. From identifying opportunities and building your L&D strategy to developing innovative digital learning solutions with the latest technological advancements, we will help build digital talent and leadership that creates value for years to come.



















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