Work faster, smarter and more securely by moving to the cloud


Enhancing collaboration between teams

Future-proofing organizations through adoption of digital solutions

Reducing the risk of data failure and strengthening IT security

Increasing agility, prototyping and time to market

Lowering operating costs and reducing capital expenditure

What does ICG’s cloud transformation capability bring to companies?

Cloud Readiness Assessment - ICG

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Our experts will ensure you are fully prepared for a transition to the cloud by assessing every part of your legacy portfolio and applications. Our end-to-end approach to implementation will modernize and rationalize your application portfolio, reducing redundancy and seamlessly decommissioning aging or obsolete technology.

Strategy and roadmap definition - ICG

Strategy and roadmap definition

We provide expert guidance, insight, and planning into strategy, architecture, applications, data, and infrastructure for your transition to a cloud-powered environment. Our analysis of the technical and business aspects of the proposed transition allows us to create a tailored roadmap to help you move forward and build a solid business case.

Migration and optimization - ICG

Migration and optimization

Our end-to-end services cover everything from planning and executing a successful cloud migration to monitoring and fine tuning cloud performance and operating costs.

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