Data & Analytics


Turn your data from a business asset to a long-term value generator


Capturing the full value of data through enhanced organizational visibility

Utilizing predictive analytics and A/B testing to supercharge decision-making

Enabling more effective risk management

Creating more personalized customer and employee experiences

Improving operational efficiency and streamlining processes, workflows, and teams

What does ICG’s data & analytics capability bring to companies?

We give you a competitive advantage by unlocking the true value of data to create meaningful business insights. Our solutions will also help you standardize, automate and govern your data.

Cloud Transformation - ICG

Data identification and collection

Our solutions will help you find the information you need to provide relevant insights or implement specific data-driven use cases. You can also review the quality, consistency and completion of the data and automate data processing to deliver it through your digital platforms.

Big Data & Analytics - ICG

Data capabilities implementation

We will help you assess your current data capabilities and design the right solution to support your data-driven digital initiatives (infrastructures, data architecture, BI, API management, data lake, data hubs, etc.). You can then identify and engage with key partners such as vendors, startups and external data providers to accelerate the development of your data platforms solution and define any new skills and roles you need, such as data architect, data engineer, data scientist, data analyst or chief data officer.

Robotics Process Automation - ICG

Data management and governance

With us you can define the best-fit governance, organization, rules and associated processes you need to manage the end-to-end data value chain. We will show you the best practices to classify and protect your organization’s data assets, taking into account regulatory requirements on data usage, and how to raise awareness and support employees as you become a data-driven organization.

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