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Enable and accelerate your digital transformations with Agile Delivery & DevOps

Why is agile delivery important?

  • Build flexible structures and effective governance systems to achieve digital transformation on time and on budget.
  • Enhance and speed up decision-making processes through automation.
  • Create and promote a culture change within the company and engage stakeholders.
  • Develop the leadership needed to support transformational change.

What is Agile Delivery?

organizational agility - ICG

An effective digital strategy utilizes the full capabilities of an organization’s people, processes, and technology. It may require you to develop new capabilities, reinforce existing ones or allocate and redeploy resources across business units, projects, and departments.

Our approach to Agile Delivery helps businesses incorporate new capabilities with existing ones and integrate them across their organization, processes, people and technology. This allows them to fully benefit from digital governance and the power of big data, intelligence, automation, and connectivity.

Create a clear transformation roadmap

A transformation roadmap defines each step the operating model will go through to reach the targeted digital state.

Our Organizational Agility Services support you in building agile practices, innovation systems, data-driven governance and digital project management processes.

These enablers are essential for successfully navigating the often turbulent and complex transformational and multiyear journey that companies go through to reach the desired digital state.

How do Agile Delivery and & DevOps benefit companies?

Organizations face fierce competition, accelerating technological innovation and increasing demand for new customer-centric products and services. This requires businesses to continually focus on becoming more efficient. We help our clients react faster, streamline workflows, and seize opportunities in this highly dynamic environment. By adopting agile methods, principles and mindsets, our clients are driving positive change across their organization.

Agile Transformation - ICG

Agile Readiness Assessment

We can create a prioritized list of recommendations to inform the next steps of your agile transformation enablement. We’ll assess the readiness and maturity of your skills, process and technology in order to help you set your next steps.


Agile Coaching - ICG

Agile Coaching and Support

Our experienced agile coaches will develop a tailored coaching plan to take your teams to the next level.


Agile Transformation Enablement- ICG

Agile Transformation Enablement

We aim to be long-term transformation partners to our clients – helping them plan and execute all aspects of agile transformation. We can provide everything from training and coaching to agile operating model design, creation of implementation backlog and roadmap, stakeholder communications and KPI setting


Agile Delivery Model and DevOps - ICG

Agile Delivery Model and DevOps

We can develop your critical applications and digital products using an agile delivery model. Using DevOps best practices, we’ll implement continuous integration and delivery, making the software release process faster, automated and more reliable.

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